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2024 Heat Exchanger Experts Classes coming in September!

Monday, September 23: https://web.ppatec.com/events/Heat-Exchanger-Experts-Training-Seminar-7599/details

Tuesday, September 24: https://web.ppatec.com/events/Heat-Exchanger-Experts-Training-Seminar-7603/details

Wednesday, September 25: Sorry! Already sold out!

Thursday, September 26: https://web.ppatec.com/events/Heat-Exchanger-Experts-Training-Seminar-7605/details

Friday, September 27: https://web.ppatec.com/events/Heat-Exchanger-Experts-Training-Seminar-7606/details

Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Technical Education Center (PPATEC) and Pennsylvania Air Conditioning Contractors Association (PAACCA) are teaming up to jointly host Heat Exchanger Experts in 2024!

Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. founder, Ellis Prach, is considered one of the foremost experts when it comes to troubleshooting cracked heat exchangers. His residential furnace inspection manual will show you how to inspect heat exchangers thoroughly, yet efficiently, so that you can be satisfied you are doing the best job you can for your customers. The dependable, practical techniques shown in his manual were developed over a 40-year span of furnace inspections and installations.

For more information, click one of the links above.

Heat Exchanger Experts – In Person

September 2024

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Volunteers are at the heart of PAACCA's work. As a member driven organization, all of our success and growth is a direct result of the time and knowledge volunteered by our members! Therefore, we are encouraging our members to participate in PAACCA by working on the Associations various committees.

The goals of PAACCA are:

  • to promote quality professionalism in our industry,

  • to help members become more successful through training and education,

  • to facilitate the sharing of information, and

  • to engage in legislative advocacy on behalf of our contractor members.

If you are a members who has already realized the value of volunteer experience in the chapter, we thank you for your passion, drive, and dedication to the current and future success of PAACCA.

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